Facial Discolorations


Vbeam Laser Treatment

The Vbeam laser is a pulsed dye laser that delivers a concentrated burst of light to the area of your skin being treated. We customize a treatment plan for you to treat the following skin conditions with a combination of Vbeam laser treatments and topical skin care products: Hemangiomas (red spots), Facial Veins and Rosacea. The pigmented areas of your skin or blood vessels treated in the dermis of your skin absorb the light of the laser, which works to lighten the darkened skin tones. To protect the epidermis of your skin during treatment, a cooling mist is applied to your skin, which also helps promote patient comfort. Most patients report no pain during treatment, but rather a warm or tingling sensation. Before you undergo a V-beam laser treatment, you should avoid prolonged sun exposure and also wear a sun block. This will aid in the effectiveness of your upcoming treatment. Below are before and after photos treating many of the skin conditions listed above.


GentleLASE Laser Treatment

Using laser energy that is attracted to melanin the GentleLASE laser can be used to treat unwanted brown spots, age spots, sun spots and/or Melasma. This treatment can be performed by itself or as part of a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation program. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and will feel like a mild to moderate sunburn for about two hours post treatment. After treatment you will notice unwanted spots will be darker in color and will flake off over the couple weeks. They may become lighter in color with each treatment or be removed by a single treatment. Make up can be worn after the procedure. We don’t consider this a downtime procedure, but don’t advise having this done if you have a ‘special occasion’ coming up in the next week or two. Treatment can not be performed on tanned skin and tanning is prohibited after treatment. The use of a high grade sun block is suggested and no direct sun exposure for 6 weeks before or after treatment.